360 Degree Feedback Tool Functions and Use

In today’s competitive world, a tool like Grapevine Evaluations 360 degree feedback tool is fast replacing the traditional tools of employee assessment and feedback system. It is a well known fact that employee feedback is important for an organization. Getting an apt feedback about an employee’s performance through 360-degree feedback can help organizations to come up with right decisions. For example, it can help the management to learn if any employee needs any kind of training or development program. Moreover, it can be valuable for the employees as they can get a good insight about their strengths and weakness.

What is a 360-degree Feedback?

360-degree feedback tool is widely used by organization these days. The 360-degree feedback tool is a multi-rater feedback that provides anonymous feedback about employees work performance and behavior. Employees generally receive feedback about their performance and behavior from their supervisors, peers, customers, and co-workers.

Taking the help of Grapevine Evaluations 360 degree feedback tool can also be used by employees for self-assessment. It can help employees as well as employers to understand if they are efficient for the organization or not.

Grapevine Evaluations 360 degree feedback tool

How does The Tool Helps?

Often, before introducing the self-assessment tool, businesses wonder how the tool can be helpful for them. Basically, the tool can help an organization to identify the hidden talents within their organization. It can also help organizations to monitor the progress of employees.  Added to that, it can also help employees to understand if they need to develop any new skills or change their behavior so that it can aid in fulfilling the mission and vision of the organization in which they are working.

Various Functions of the Tool

360-degree feedback is known to offer a wide number of usages. Now, let’s check out the various usage of Grapevine Evaluations 360 degree feedback tool.

Performance Appraisals

Performance appraisal is mainly used to measure the productivity of an employee. It is often used by employers and managers in order to assess if the employee deserves to get a hike in their salary. Moreover, it can be used for getting a feedback about an employee and look into it if they can be promoted to a higher post.

Promoting Awareness360 degree feedback

The most important use of 360-degree feedback tool is to help employees get a clear picture of them. Also, it can help an employee to understand how others perceive them. This, in turn, can help employees to improve their behavior or performance.

Reinforcing Company Culture

Company values can be easily bolstered with the help of employee feedback surveys. It can help to send the right message to employees that satisfaction of employees and client is important for the success of the organization.

Boosting Morale

Grapevine Evaluations 360 degree feedback tool is used for assessing every individual member of the organization. As it provides anonymous feedback for every member, thereby, helping individuals to know their key strengths and weakness. Once they know their weakness they can work to overcome it. Thereby, helps to improve the engagement level of employees.

Using 360-degree feedback tool for self-assessment and employee recognition can be a great way to make employees understand they are valued. Hence, helps an organization to become successful.