The Importance of 360 Degree Evaluations and Feedback for every employee

Feedback and evaluations are one of the most important elements for any person’s growth. You need to constantly get feedback on whether the action you have taken is impacting positively or negatively. You need feedback on whether the work being done is of satisfactory quality of no. Similarly you need to be evaluated in order to know how much you have accomplished and how much you have grown. Just like university and college exams where you are evaluated at the end of the year to know your final grade for that year, employees are also evaluated in their work place to know where they stand in the company. The best way for any employee to get evaluated is 360 degree evaluation.

360 degree evaluations and feedback are way more informative and different from traditional feedbacks. Traditional feedbacks are limited to one or two person evaluations where the employee will be evaluated at the end of the year or 6 months and the feedback given doesn’t not say anything about growth. Traditional feedbacks are usually a sign of generally knowing where you stand in the company and if the work you are doing is good or not. 360 degree feedbacks and evaluations give you a better understanding and knowledge of where the employee stands in the company and how much scope there is for the growth of the employee.

360 degree evaluations

360 feedbacks can be compared with like college semesters. In most college courses, the final exam is not the only measure of the student’s grade. Lots of the other assignments evaluating different skill sets of the student are also evaluated to get a more all around perspective. This helps in understanding that the student was consistent and focused throughout the whole semester and not just cramming things 2 days before the final exam. Similarly in a business organization, 360 degree feedback is given by performing evaluations on many different factors such as behavior with the employees, communication and approach ability, working mechanisms and the strengths and weakness of an employee. The main motto of performing 360 degree evaluations is to bring out the best in the employee and help the employee overcome any weakness. One important thing that every business organization must understand is that you can only point the mistakes but you cannot change a person. The change in the person has to come from inside. Also after an evaluation, if proper actions are not taken, then the whole purpose of the evaluations fails.

360 degree evaluations are important for every employee in any business. Constant feedback is required for the growth of any employee. Getting evaluated from all perspectives by all the people are directly or indirectly impacted with your work plays a key role in a getting a more clear understanding about the employee. You can contact a 360 degree evaluations company if you still haven’t adopted the culture.  You can also read this article about the common mistakes and how to avoid them while evaluating your employees. A cloud based tool can easily be fit in any organization. Contact now to know more about the benefits of 360 degree evaluations and feedback.